PDLC mixtures

PDLC mixtures
 PDLC mixtures
liquid crystals
1. China origin
2. make research the new goods as request of customer.
3. export liquid crystals to U.S.A., Japan, Korea.


Product: liquid crystals

S-N(C) <-10
Clearing Point(C) 60
Dn (589nm,20C) 0.226
ne (589nm,20C) 1.747
V90(V) 2.24
V10(V) 1.6
Electrical resistivity 1*1011

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QINGDAO INTERMODAL TRADING CO.,LTD. is a professional and high-tech manufacturer of liquid crystals in China,

our goods usually export to U.S.A., south Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries,we can produce many kinds of liquid crystals,
such as liquid crystal mixture,LC superior to E7 liquid crystal,PDLC mixtures,Ionic Liquids,Nematic Phase Liquid Crystals,
negative liquid crystal,twisted nematics (TN) Liquid Crystals,Negative LCs,Thermotropic liquid crystals,chiral nematic liquid crystals,
Liquid crystals (LCs),LC materials,Nematic LC mixtures,liquid crystal materials,liquid crystal monomer,polymer dispersed liquid crystal,
liquid crystal intermediate, pharmaceutical intermediates.

Product Origin: china
Model Number:  C03

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